Best ways to take care of your pet Dog

It is common to see people in our neighborhoods with pets more so dogs. Having a pet dog is not just a walk in the park because it requires one to be responsible enough to take good care of the dog. A dog is a man’s best friend, and apart from offering companionship, a dog can also act as security as it will notify you and scare off intruders in your homestead. That said here are some of the best ways to take care of your dog, making it happy and healthy.

Food and water

First and most important is to ensure that you feed your dog. The food should be of good quality and high in proteins. According to experts, it is advisable to feed your adult dog twice a day. If you have a puppy, then three to four times a day is okay. After food, the dog should have access to plenty of water. The water should be clean and fresh at all times. Proper feeding is vital to the dog’s health.


Your dog should not just loiter and sleep in your garden. Build a proper house for your dog and ensure that it is warm and equipped with a bed. Also, ensure it has a shade in case the weather is hot. Ensure that you wash the dog beddings often to avoid flea and ticks infestation


Just like humans, dogs also need to do proper exercise to burn some calories and stay healthy. By exercising, the dog can do away with boredom, thus avoiding destructive behavior. Exercise patterns and need will vary from one dog to another, depending on the breed, age, and size. A simple exercise is to take your dog for a walk in the park or around the neighborhood.  Ensure that your dog stays in a positive environment, play with the dog once or twice and reward it where necessary.

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A pet dog is just like your human kid, ensure that your dog is clean. Frequently brush your dog to reduce shedding. Check for ticks and fleas during warm weather to maintain a healthy pet.

Dog supplies

Visit a dog shop and purchase various supplies for your dog. provides dog owners with the necessary products, food, and equipment required to take care of the dog.  Here are some known dog supplies.

Dishware- the dishware should be stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Other materials such as plastic are not suitable as they harbor bacteria and toxins

Leash- a dog, should have a strap, the leash should be long enough so that you can easily control your dog. The dog should always be on a leash when in public.

Collar- the collar contains the ID tag and a rabies tag.

Kennels- also ensure that you purchase a kennel. This allows you to lock up the dog during a specific time and at particular places. Portable kennels allow one to carry their dog around, in the car and so forth

Toys- buy more and more toys for your dog to play with. This helps in both mental and physical stimulation.